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Manufacturer saves almost half-a-million pounds courtesy of VQS

Manufacturer saves almost half-a-million pounds courtesy of VQS
VQS helps manufacturer save nearly £500,000 across its fleet on nearly 12,000 inspections in 2016.

A car manufacturer has clocked up an annual saving of almost £500,000 by utilising VQS repair authorisation estimates and audit services across its fleet.

VQS inspects the brand’s rental company, company car, press and demonstrator fleet prior to any refurbishment work being undertaken at the manufacturer’s defleet centre and before the used cars get sold to their dealer network.

In 2016 the vehicle inspection and repair management system resulted in a saving of £498,197.72 on nearly 12,000 inspections.

One of the key savings areas is windscreens and tyres which are all inspected prior to them being authorised for repair or replacement. Nearly £85,000 has been saved in this area alone.

VQS has a team of highly trained inspectors and supervisors working in house to service the contract. As well as all vehicles being inspected prior to repair or refurbishment VQS inspectors also spot check vehicles to check repair standards prior to them being delivered to dealers.

Commented VQS operations director Steve Weston: “Our service ensures the manufacturer has an independent provider checking the vehicles when they arrive back into the defleet centre and advising what work is and isn’t required on each vehicle. When working with high volumes of vehicles it is important to retain control of any vehicle expenditure and that is the role of our team, and each year our team has delivered six figure savings,” he added.