Site Based Inspections

We provide a range of vehicle inspections to OEMs and leasing companies working out of their de-fleet/refurbishment centres. We can set up a permanent integration of inspectors working at the same location each day or we assign inspectors to carry out fleet inspections as and when required across the country.

Car Inspection
Inspection of Field Based Lease Cars

Field based/End-of-Lease inspections

We complete thousands of fleet inspections each week for the leasing industry in the field or at de-fleet centres around the country, working to a set of pre-determined customer standards. Our company car inspections provide transparency of the vehicle’s condition at the end of a contract and our Vehicle Inspection System automatically generates repair estimates in real time, to calculate the charges that need to be passed on.

Vehicle audits

We provide repair estimate validation & audits to ensure that third party suppliers are delivering a consistent level of inspection and repair estimates based on a client’s exacting requirements. We also oversee the refurbishment process to ensure consistency, efficiency and quality of repairs.

Vehicle Audits
Tablet-based vehicle inspection platform

Inspection technology

VQS has developed the latest cutting edge technology tablet-based vehicle inspection platforms for its own network of inspectors and for white label clients. Based on tablet for Windows, each inspection is automatically recorded and turned into a costed estimate in real–time, supported by high resolution photos. An electronic signature facility allows the end user to sign the inspection report, which is stored in The Cloud. All information is accessible by a client in real time.

Company Vehicle Handover Inspection

Our dedicated training facility runs a range of vehicle inspection courses.

Company vehicle handover inspection